DIY Painted Mason Jars

Mason Jar painted

You have probably seen MILLIONS of painted Mason jar posts floating around. And yes, I am going to add another one to the party.  You see, I absolutely love Mason jars and can find many uses for them. I am in the process of redecorating our Master bedroom (well, the one that never got … [Read more...]

Our Summer Front Porch

Summer Front Porch Reveal

Our front porch is one place the kids and I tend to spend a lot of time getting some fresh air. I love sitting there while the kids play, pick little flowers on the front lawn, watch little crawling bugs, or put on a show for me. And other times, just people watch. Well, at least that is what I do … [Read more...]

Resin Plastic Chairs Makeover

DIY Painted Resin Plastic Chairs

Hi friends! I have been missing in action here for a few days due to computer failure. You know how annoying that could be when you finally have some free time to type up a couple posts and realize that something has gone wrong with your computer. Mine has taken a couple of falls and it looks like … [Read more...]

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Summer is already upon us and while it may be a time when families are outside most, it is also a time when little hands get more dirty! I have seen many moms of little ones (including myself) carrying around a bottle of hand sanitizer when they are outside to quickly sanitize their children's hands … [Read more...]

Mini Patriotic Shortcakes


There is just something about a Red Velvet cake that I enjoy. Actually, I really had not tasted a Red Velvet Cake until my hubby introduced me to it after we got married. It is one of his favorite types of cakes! I made these mini ones about two weeks ago. They are so tasty, especially with the … [Read more...]