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Homemade Chi Tea Mix 2

Homemade Chai Tea Mix with Health Benefits

  I am such a lover of tea and this cold weather we experience here in Chicago surely puts tea on the top of my family’s drink list! Chai tea is definitely among my favorites! I savor all the flavor of the spices! They truly make me think of my growing up roots (Caribbean) where we […]

Honey Face Wash

Weekend Reads – What I Read This Week

I have seen some blogs posts about “Weekend Reads” or “Weekend Links” and was curious to know what they were. At first, I thought it was books people were planning to read over the weekend. But after reading a couple of these posts, I realize it is information about what they have read throughout the […]

Basic Whole Wheat Sweet Dough

Basic Whole Wheat Sweet Dough Recipe

This recipe is for bread machines but can also be mixed by hand. It is a basic sweet dough for cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, sticky buns, etc. The recipe makes 1-1/2 pound sweet dough. If yo have a favorite type of cinnamon rolls or any other kind of similar rolls and you desire to make […]

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